American Inks and Coatings has grown from $7.5 million in annual sales in 2001 to over $100 million in 2012. Currently the sixth largest packaging ink company and the second largest American owned ink company in the United States, our rapid growth has been realized through our focus on cost and consistency and our dedication to our customers in the packaging industry.
The management team of American Inks and Coatings has been in the ink and coatings business for over 35 years, 30 of which consisted of an ownership position.  AIC’s combined years of management experience exceeds 145 years.  Ink companies directed by our team have achieved annual sales in excess of $200 million and are summarized below:

June 30, 2016, Flint Group confirmed and finalised the acquisition of American Inks and Coatings.  The strategic partnering of the companies combines two well-established suppliers of inks and coatings to the North American packaging industry enhancing its support of packaging printers in this region.

CP&W 1968-1982
Progressive Inks 1985-1996
Progressive Coatings  1989-Current
Alper Inks 1996-2000
Packaging Inks/American Inks and Coatings 2001-Current
We feel that there is much to differentiate American Inks and Coatings from our competition:
  • Dedicated exclusively to the liquid packaging market
  • Experienced in the liquid packaging market
  • Ease with which to do business
  • Focused on the customer
  • Coatings capabilities
  • Product selection
  • Quality Systems
  • Technical support
  • Manufacturing infrastructure
  • Cost structure
American Inks and Coatings is the fastest growing ink company in the country today. AIC was started and designed to be the low cost producer of the highest quality, most consistent ink and coatings product available for the packaging industry.  We are totally committed to the packaging industry and are certain that by applying our excess capacity, lower operating cost, lower raw material cost, more consistent product, proprietary in-plant operating systems, and absolute commitment to the customer, we can save your organization money today and contain your cost in the future.  
American Inks and Coatings is dedicated solely to the packaging market. We are committed to growing with this market through organic sales growth and strategic acquisitions. Our customer focus, product selection, product quality, technical support, and customer friendly business approach has allowed us to achieve our unprecedented growth. Future market conditions will undoubtedly create the need for yet higher levels of technical expertise and full service partnerships. American Inks and Coatings is uniquely positioned to satisfy these demands with no reduction in our high levels of product quality and customer service.