American Inks and Coatings supports and services the packaging market with a core business of high volume water and solvent liquid packaging inks and coatings. Our sub-micron particle size dispersions are unequaled for richness in color, gloss, and transparency and are used to formulate a wide range of water and solvent-based ink systems for all substrates.

American Inks & Coatings products used in these end-use applications are water based or solvent based and printed either flexo or gravure contingent on the capability and need of the customer involved. In some of these products, we have the only system available that meets the unique requirements of the product involved, and in others, we are the highest quality most cost effective producer available for the printer.

At American Inks & Coatings, we are aware of all the variables involved.  That is why we’ve developed a full spectrum of products to meet your needs.  And while we are confident that we have a product line that will work for you, we are very flexible.  We're aware that every plant has its own needs, and we are willing and able to develop formulas that meet the needs of even the most demanding conditions.

These ink systems include the following:
  • Folding cartons 
  • Gravure coated paper bags
  • Reverse print films both water and solvent based
  • Adhesive laminations
  • Towel and tissue
  • Clay coated multi-wall bags
  • Shrink-sleeve     
  • Chocolate resistant both water and solvent based
  • Retort
  • Tee shirt water based
  • Labels
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Pre-print and Post-print corrugated 
  • Solventless laminations
  • Extrusion laminations 
  • Plate and cup 
  • Bleach and brown single and multi-wall bags 
  • Tobacco compliant both water and solvent based
  • Foil inks both water and solvent based 
  • Foil lidding 
  • High speed gravure gift wrap
  • Over print varnishes
  • Blister pack 

Risk Managment

American Inks and Coatings structures a Risk Management plan strategically and specifically for each and every customer.       

  • Back up source for all dispersions “qualified” thru various subcontractors
  • Back up sources for all extenders thru other AIC locations.
  • Back up sources for all bases thru other AIC locations
  • Company systems data backed up nightly and stored off site