Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I determine what ink quality (brand) is right for my operation?
A:  American Inks can help you determine the right product for your needs. This is usually a balance of your press capabilities, the market you serve, and cost.  The best way to determine the right product is to have one of our technicians visit your plant and do an "Audit", which is then followed by a trial run. We believe that through diligent research, a product can be found to fit your needs. The beauty of working with a company like American Inks is that if one of our "Standard" products doesn't fit your needs, we can tailor make a product line specific for you...right at our local branch !!

Q:  Is there a truly "PRESS READY" ink?
A:  There are simply too many variables in the printing process to make a press ready ink. Differences in paper (shade/moisture content), press conditions, operators, environment and age of ink, to name a few, make it unlikely any ink supplier can provide a "truly" press ready ink. At American Inks, we have worked very hard to control the manufacturing variables in our processes to provide you with a VERY consistent product. Each container we ship has a "Certificate of Analysis" printed right on it! We take care in making sure our customers are provided with products that best suit their printing environment. Through a careful customer audit, our technical/sales staff can work closely with our customers to keep a product in supply that ensures minimum press downtime (relating to ink) and maximum running capabilities. This ensures a "win-win" situation in which our customers typically see a reduction in their MSF ink costs after switching to American Inks.

Q:  Why am I told the least expensive ink is not necessarily the right product for me?
A:  American Inks believes that least expensive does not necessarily mean price per pound, but least overall cost. We feel that if your facility can run the presses faster and produce more product in a day, the true value of the ink is in the reduced MSF ink cost. We will help you determine the best product for you, based upon your goals and capabilities. The least expensive ink may be just what you need. This can only be determined after all the information is weighed and considered. This is usually a function of the age of your equipment, anilox configuration, metering system, quality of print your customers demand, and your goals.

Fact: The less expensive inks have more "fillers" in them and less pigment, resulting in your operators having to lay down more ink to achieve color.  Consequently, this will increase your ink consumption.

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